Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nothing to report

Sorry to keep everyone hanging. I've seen a couple of comments wondering about what's happened since I last posted.

I didn't have anything more to say. Nothing has changed. We had a busy end of school year and a fun summer and now we're gearing up for the start of the new school year.

Thanks for praying and caring.


Bob Sands said...


My wife and I currently attend Church or the Good Shepherd in Bloomington, IN where Tim Bayly pastors. When we first started attending, we used birth control to space and number our children. While we did finally understand our position on birth control (at this point, it may be helpful to make a distinction between birth control and contraception. Contraceptive are just one form of birth control. Abstinence is another just as a vasectomy would be another) to be rebellion against God, it did take several years. During these years, this very issue kept creeping to the front lines of most of our marital friction.
About 18 months ago, Tim was preaching through Galatians and came to the fruit of the spirit. His first sermon focused on the word fruit and how satan always tries to keep us from being fruitful. (I recommend listening to the sermon - it can be found at
I must mention too that we had two planned children and one suprise child previous to repenting of our rebellion. Since then, we have had one beautiful little girl and have two (twins!!!) on the way. (Yep! Three children in one year!!!) I cannot even begin to tell you what this has done for our marriage! Not the least of which was that it has showed both my wife and I our deep and profound selfishness. It has also taken the focus off of how many children we want and our disagreement with the amount and placed our hope in God. It really does require a lot of faith - and God will give it to you if you let Him. Granted, my wife has relatively "easy" pregnancies and deliveries, so our situation is not exactly like yours. Also, I am only 34 and my wife is 38, so agian, we are not exactly in your situation.
Perhaps the most profound outcome of our submitting to God's authority is that it has brought about a change in our hearts that has encouraged me to be a husband who loves his wife enough to obey God's command to have authority in our household. Likewise, my wife has become a very beautiful example of a godly wife! Faith is always rewarded.
I hope I am of some encouragement to you.

Bob Sands

Jon said...

Your worldview is so fucked up that I am astounded. You have been brainwashed into believing a bullshit religion and it's fucking up your life. Quit the god garbage, grow some fucking balls, have them cut and then go fuck the shit out of your wife. Seriously.